July 15, 2021

How to Nail Down Your Personal Brand

When I started brainstorming the future of JačiBrands, my brand color was wine red. 🍷

I thought it was perfect!!

I had researched the psychology of red, spent hours picking my favorite shade, and was convinced it would represent importance….no, really. 😂

It was near impossible for me to create content because I was trying to build a company around what I thought people wanted to see

Once I really took the time to nail down my personal brand, the content became much easier to create. I was being true to myself and became much more excited to work than I had ever been before!

Here’s a preview of how I did it:

personal brand mood board pinterest personal brand photography what is a personal brand

The roadmap to building a personal brand

Table of Contents

What is a personal brand?

Guess what. You already have a personal brand. Most simply, it is how your audience perceives you.

Are you always in full-face makeup and a put-together outfit? Do you show up looking a mess sometimes? Do you show your struggles? Do you separate personal from professional?

People take note of how you present yourself, and they make a subconscious decision on whether or not they’d be your friend.

Does that sound scary? It won’t be once you understand exactly what your personal brand is. Once you do, you’ll have confidence that will say, “ehh, they weren’t for me anyway!” if someone decides you’re not for them.

Why authentic identities sell

Ask yourself if you understand what persona you’re giving off to your audience. Are you intentional about it? Are you more concerned with keeping up with the trends than you are being true to yourself?

Friend, people can sniff out bullshit a mile away. If you’re always in your pajamas at home, then post Instagram stories of you in your pajamas at home! If you’re often running your kids around town in your car, then film a quick video while you’re sitting there waiting to pick them up from school! If you’re doing something and it doesn’t feel authentic to who you are, don’t do it!

In an online world filled with altered bodies and filtered faces, your audience is craving realness.

Stop worrying about what YOU THINK people want your brand to look like, and just be authentic to you!

Why is nailing down your personal brand important?

Now that we understand you already have a personal brand let’s discuss why it is essential to nail it down.

Think of this as polishing your brand identity.

Look, I know you’ve spent hours creating a branding kit that includes fonts, colors, and logos!! So why are you stopping there? Are you not an extension of your brand?

Trust me when I say, building your business will be easier when you better understand who you already are.

The content you build will become easier to create because you won’t struggle to be something you’re not. But, most importantly, it will resonate with you, and you’ll be excited to share it!

Polishing your brand identity

This process will help you figure out what makes you, you. It will give you a roadmap to maintaining authenticity in your brand.


Step 1:

Start a Pinterest board named “YOUR FIRST NAME PERSONAL BRAND.” Only use one board; for now, no sub-boards yet!


Step 2:

Pin 100-200 images to your personal branding board. The more you pin, the better the final product will be, but do not surpass 200. This is a mood board of sorts, don’t let your OCD get the best of you; this will be messy at first!

What to pin: 

Look for images that scream out to you, ones that truly feel like something that describes you. Ones that excite you when you look at them. What do you love? What inspires you? 

What to search for: 

Environments: The beach, the mountains, restaurants with a cool vibe, bedrooms you would love to have, coffee shops, etc. Also, consider work environments: business offices you wish were yours, the coworkers you have, etc.

Favorite Foods & Drinks: Search “margarita photography,” “pasta photography,” or whatever food/drink is your favorite.

Places on Earth: French riviera, Yosemite, or other notable places.

Clothing: Do you wear jean jackets or leather jackets? Are you always in black, or are you colorful? Do you have hundreds of pairs of shoes? Don’t pin things you would never wear, even if you like them. Think about things you would be willing to wear every day.

Accessories: Rings, watches, necklaces, scarves, hats, glasses…which one is most you? Try not to pick anything too trendy. Skip anything that could be the “bubble necklace” 5 years from now. 

Animals: Don’t forget to pin your favorite lovebug!

Dream Home: If money was not an object, where would you live?

Makeup: Are you bold, or do you keep it simple?

Hairstyles: Bun lifestyle or curled and ready for anything?

Vacations: What is your dream vacation?

Flowers: Because they make us smile, right?

Locations: Do you prefer light, bright, open spaces? Try to pin some places that mimic your favorite look.

Relationships: Who are the most important people in your life?

Pinterest tips:

1.) If you find an almost perfect pin, click on the image and scroll down to the suggested pins section. Pinterest will show you similar images that may be something you like more!

2.) Try searching "____ inspiration", "______ design", or "_____ photography". These searches will give you higher-quality images that will make your mood board prettier.

3.) Don't get fixated on getting an exact photo. The pins do not have to be 100% you; maybe it's just the hair or the feel of the image that resonates.



Once you have 100 to 200 pins, create a sub-board called “Top 50.” Review your main board and move your favorite 50 pins to the new sub-board. Pick the ones that speak to you the most and feel right in your heart. Don’t get too caught up in what you believe should be in your top 50; just choose the ones you feel connected to.

Remember, you’re only allowed to choose 50 of the pins for this sub-board!

Pinterest tip:
On the main board settings, choose the compact view option to get rid of all the wordy nonsense so you can focus on the images.



Now that you have your top 50 pins, quickly scan the sub-board a few times. Squint your eyes and look for color patterns. You’re going to see between 3-5 colors that will show up. They might not be what you thought!

What colors keep showing up over and over again? Even if it’s simply little details in the photos. It might not be the main thing in the picture but could be part of the background.

Those 3-5 colors are your authentic color palette.

Step 5:

Take a step back and review the Top 50 board you just created. If your anything like me, you’re having a WOAH moment.

Are you looking at your personal brand mood board and feeling like you’re being seen for the first time? Are you feeling a sense of confidence and thinking, “this is 100% me”?

I did this exercise nearly 3 years ago, and to this day, it accurately represents who I am. It’s something I regularly look at to ground myself, and it serves as a reminder that I do not need to keep up with every trend if they are not genuine to me.

“Personal branding” is not just for influencers. We all have a personal brand, but for those of us who own small businesses, the understanding of our personal brand becomes an integral part of our marketing.

Extra credit

If you’ve gotten this far and you’ve created your own personal brand mood board, I’d love to see it! Share a screenshot on your Instagram story and challenge your friends to do the same!

Let’s foster a community of small business owners helping each other succeed.


Here’s a look at my personal brand mood board:

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How to nail down your personal brand, how to create a personal brand, atlanta brand photographer, georgia brand photographer
How to nail down your personal brand, how to create a personal brand, atlanta brand photographer, georgia brand photographer
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